Working Towards Sustainable and Ethical treament of Australian Wildlife


The Wildlife Safe Certification Trademark covers 8 classes of goods and 2 classes of services under IPA trademark classifications:

  • All food groups including olives, nuts, fresh and tinned fruits and vegetables, all grains and cereals, dairy, meat etc.

  • All fruit juices and beverages including alcoholic drinks, wine, cider, beer etc

  • Stockfeed and hay 

  • Pet foods

  • Timber, paper, leather accessories, clothing, including wool, and footwear

  • Holiday accommodation and resorts, sporting associations including golf clubs

The Wildlife Safe Certification Trademark is registered with the ACCC and Wildlife Safe is a registered Not For Profit Association.

Use of the Wildlife Safe Certification Trademark for goods and services is subject to an assessment and accreditation process by a Wildlife Safe assessor, and payment of a prescribed fee.  The assessment is designed to ensure compliance with standards and give confidence to the public.  

Wildlife Safe will maintain a register of wildlife accredited entities and licencees.